Hillmann Piano Studio, LLC 

Mission of the Studio:

  • To pass down the great tradition of classical piano playing to the next generation
  • To equip students with fluid note reading skills, healthy technique, and refined artistic sense
  • To create a positive, encouraging, and non-judgmental atmosphere in which students can learn
  • To teach the value of discipline, hard work, and delayed gratification
  • To introduce students to creative problem solving skills with benefits that extend beyond piano playing

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition is due before the first day of every month, August through May. Summer lessons are mandatory, but with a flexible schedule.

Tuition not only covers the cost of weekly lessons and recitals, but also the time to choose and purchase music, create teaching materials, and attend to many other details that are part of the learning experience.

Students beginning lessons partway through the month will have tuition for that month prorated.


  • If I provide your books, the cost of the books plus tax will be added to your bill for the month.
  • In some cases, I may email you the necessary information to order your own books online. Please order the books the moment you receive my email so we can use the books as soon as possible.

Guarantee for musical success:

To maximize the progress and enjoyment of musical study, there are three vital components:

1. The teacher's knowledge and support
2. The parents' encouragement and involvement
3. The student's commitment to practice
When these three components are present, an environment guaranteeing musical success is fostered.


1. Practicing a minimum of 6 days per week.    Regular practice is essential for musical growth. 

Students enjoy the process of musical study far more when they feel like they’ve accomplished something. The amount of time they spend practicing that week’s lesson directly affects their musical growth as well as their enjoyment of the lessons. Daily practice is best and should be expected by all parents as part of a routine. Music develops responsibility because it is a subject requiring discipline and diligent practice. Parents, teachers, and students must work together to insure the success of the student in the study of the discipline of music and in preparation for performances and attendance of lessons. Thank you in advance for supporting your child's musical development by assisting him or her in maintaining the discipline of a regular practice schedule.

2. An acoustic piano at your place of residence. 

It is very important for the student to have an acoustic piano on which to practice. Electric keyboards are not capable of the nuances in pedaling, phrasing, and dynamics that are a part of serious piano study. It is best if the piano is located in your home to make daily practicing possible. If you would like a recommendation of retailers that offer instrument rentals and sales, please ask the instructor.

Lesson Swap List:

There will be a "Swap List" available to those who wish to participate. If on a particular week you have a conflict with your lesson time, feel free to contact someone on the list to exchange lesson times for that week. I do not need to know in advance.

Missed Lessons:

The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student's absence(s). When you sign up for weekly lessons, your lesson time is exclusively reserved for you. You agree to pay for a particular time slot whether you attend or not and this commitment is for the entire school year (August through May). For this reason, there is no guarantee that a make-up or rescheduled lesson is possible when a student misses a lesson for any reason. Monthly rates are flat fees, and shall not be lowered nor refunded for missed lessons.  If the teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, that lesson will be made up separately.  Week-long breaks may occur up to several times during the year at major holiday observances or weeks the Instructor must be absent for professional reasons and will be announced at the beginning of the year. Monthly tuition has been adjusted to account for these planned absences. Summer lesson prices are not affected by this adjustment.

Lesson Procedure:

Please arrive on time with all necessary materials.  If materials are missing, it will affect the productivity of the lesson.  Due to the session timeframe, it is important that each student arrives on time to their scheduled lesson. If the student arrives late, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time.

Please wash hands before the lesson, and make sure fingernails are trimmed short. Even moderately long nails make good hand position at the piano impossible.

Parents are encouraged to remain in the room for the lesson to observe.  This is especially helpful for younger students who require parental help in order to practice during the week.

Instrument Maintenance:

Your piano should be tuned twice a year.  One tuner I recommend is Robert Springer (602) 570-1721.

Summer Lessons:

Each student will sign up for a minimum of 6 lessons to be scheduled any time or day during the summer semester (June and July). This provides enough flexibility to accommodate any schedule. Students who do not purchase six lessons will not be guaranteed their place in the fall schedule.  Payment for all scheduled lessons in any month is due at or before the first lesson of each month.  Summer lessons may be rescheduled once. To reschedule or cancel a lesson, a 24 hour notice is required or the lesson will be considered “missed”, and will be billed.  Should the instructor reschedule or cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson or a credit will be given. 


There are now currently openings for new or transfer students for summer online and in-person lessons. Please fill out the registration form to get started!  


We are excited to announce that we are beginning to open the studio up for in-person lessons. We are continuing to offer online Zoom lessons for those that are not yet ready for in-person lesson due to the pandemic. For those that are able and willing to have their lesson in person, we have hand sanitizer at the enterance and we sanitize the instruments and other high-traffic areas between lessons. Masks are mandatory.

Click here to order books and materials for lessons.


If you're a current student of Hillmann Piano Studio, refer a friend and get 20% off the next month's tuition when they enroll for their first month!